LTC requires encrypting email for sensitive data.  For specifics on what data require encryption, please see the article, Email Encryption.

To encrypt an email you are sending, add {ENCRYPT} to the subject or body of the email.  The ENCRYPT tag is case insensitive.  It will work with all lower case or mixed case.  The brackets surrounding the word ENCRYPT can be curly braces {}, square brackets [], or parenthesis ().  For example, (Encrypt), [encrypt], {ENCRYPT}, or [ENCRYPT], etc.  Any such combination will encrypt the email, as long as the open and close brackets surrounding the word are the same.  For example, (encrypt] WILL NOT encrypt the message, but [encrypt] will.

Other pertinent info:

  • Encrypted email takes slightly longer to send/receive than normal email.  The process should take no more than 2-3 minutes.
  • Encrypted emails cannot be forwarded.

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