LTC requires encrypting email for sensitive data.   For specifics on what data require encryption, please see the article, Email Encryption.

When an LTC Employee encrypts an email outside of LTC, it will appear to the outside user with a large Office 365 logo, a link to Read the message and an attachment.  There will be an attachment even if the original sender did not attach a file.  IGNORE THE ATTACHMENT.  The attachment cannot be opened.    The image below shows what the email will look like:

Click Read the message.  A web browser window will open.    You will be prompted to sign in.  Use the one-time passcode to access the message.

You can then read the email and save any attachment(s) as needed.  The decrypted email will appear similar to this:

Other pertinent info:

  • Encrypted emails cannot be forwarded.  Note the CAUTION message indicates this.
  • Outlook on the Web automatically decrypts encrypted messages.

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