This article describes the different subject headers and labels

Example image:

Detailed below are the explanation for all the subject headers and labels added to the subject line.

    • Any email coming from outside of Lanier Technical College will be labeled with [EXTERNAL].
    • This goes along with the yellow banner at the top of external emails.
    • Emails labeled as “marketing” are labeled as such because they are advertising emails from professional marketing groups
      • Example: bulletins from with details about new products and sales
  3. [BULK]
    • Emails labeled as “BULK” are labeled as due to similar reasons of marketing but they are coming from unrecognized marketing groups with news letters and other things.
    • This one is self explanatory. Any email labeled [SOCIAL NETWORK] is because it came from a social networking site, business or otherwise
      • Example: A notification message from LinkedIn about a job you may be interested in

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