If you get an email that looks suspicious or you are not sure about it, you can report it as Phishing using the Report Phish function.  Using this function ensures your report contributes to Lanier Tech's security score in the governor's reporting system.  Depending on which email client you are using, accessing the Report Phish button is slightly different. 

Option 1 - MS Outlook:

  • If you access your email in MS Outlook the Report Phish button should be at the top right.

Option 2 Outlook on the web:

  • If you access your email through the web, In the email at the top right click on the square with four squares inside it. (see below for example of icon).    

PLEASE NOTE, DO NOT USE THE Report Phishing button under Security Options.

***  DO NOT USE the one  with the  " ING " at the end  ***

then click the Report Phish button. 

Once you click Report Phish, you should see this window (the same for both MS Outlook and Outlook on the web).

  • Click Report Phish (NOT Reporting Phishing with an "ing").

  • If this email is a part of a test phishing campaign, you should then see a congratulatory message about successfully detecting the simulated phish. If the email is NOT part of a test phishing campaign, then the email will be reported for investigation.
  • Click Close.