LTC eAlert is the resource for faculty, staff and students to receive alerts from Lanier Technical College about potential, developing, or existing emergencies, college closures, et cetera.  Here are some important facts about LTC eAlert:

  • LTC eAlert utilizes three methods to send emergency information: 
    • Text messages
    • Voice calls (via text to speech)
    • E-mail
  • Contact Information from BannerWeb for all students and employees is pushed to LTC eAlert.  Make sure to review and update your information.
  • Users may have two (3) SMS (text message) numbers, three (3) voice numbers, and three (3) email addresses.
  • Users may opt-out (here's how) from receiving LTC eAlert communications.
  • Student accounts do not expire as long as the student is actively enrolled for the current term at Lanier Tech.

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