To use your printing funds as wisely as possible, here are some tips:

  • Use print preview to make sure you are printing only what you need.  Extra pages through the printer count against your balance, even if you do not need them.  If you only need pages 1 and 4 of a document, only print pages 1 and 4.
  • If you make a mistake on a document don’t print the entire document over again, just print the corrected page.
  • When printing PowerPoint slides, print multiple slides per page.  PowerPoint does NOT do this automatically and this must be done each time you print a PowerPoint.
  • Print Settings graphic, click Full Page SlidesChoose an option such as 6 Slides Veritical
  • If you are taking notes from a website or a document it is often more useful to copy and paste parts of the source and only print those parts. It’s recommended that you highlight any section of the source, right click and select copy. Then open a blank Microsoft Word document. Right click on the blank document and select paste. Do the same for the address of the website so you can revisit the site later and know where your notes came from. Repeat this until done and print the Word document. In this manner many different sites can be printed as only one or two pages.
  • NOTE: Once you print something it will be removed from your print balance even if you cancel the print job. Pressing the cancel button on the printer does not cancel the pages being removed from the quota, it only stops pages from coming out of the printer.

Student Printing FAQs:

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How do I add funds to my printing balance?

Refunds and your printing balance