Copiers in use at LTC do not charge printing accounts until the paper is successfully printed and in the out tray.  Because of this preventative measure, refunds will not be processed for jobs where LTC copiers are used.

Students may request a refund due to a jam in an LTC lab printer by asking that the LTC employee present at the time of the jam submit a refund request on the student's behalf using the Student Printing Refund Request Form (only available while ON an LTC campus or via employee VPN).  Students may not request a refund in any other manner.

Once the LTC employee submits the Student Printing Refund Request Form  on the student's behalf, a ticket is created with the LTC Helpdesk.  Helpdesk personnel will validate the location, time, date, and number of pages from the logs on the printing system.  If the request is found to be accurate, the refund will be processed onto the student's printing balance as soon as possible and the student notified via the LTC Helpdesk email system.  

Please note that refunds requests will only be processed during normal LTC HelpDesk hours.  Please allow 1-2 business days for refunds to be processed.

Student Printing FAQs:

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