There are two ways to login to the Canon copiers; with a copy card or with your Laker Login (short form, everything before the @). The first time you use your copy card, you must register it by logging in using your Laker Login (short form).  NOTE:  Starting Friday, July 26, 2019, the login changes from the short form of the Laker Login to the long form.  This means starting July 26 you will use your full email address to login.

To login to the copier:

1.  Place the card at the area to the left of the screen (as indicated by a hand holding a card).

2.  If you have not registered your card, or if there is an issue with your card, you will be prompted to login.  Do so if necessary.  Your card should be registered.  

3.  If your card was already registered, you are now logged in to the copier and have access to Print, Scan, Copy, and Fax (faxing is employees only).

The video below will show you how to login to the copier.