The Laker Login is a term to clarify communications in regards to how to login to varying systems at Lanier Technical College.

If you dont know your Laker Login you can look it up in the Student ID Lookup Tool:

Once you have typed in the information, click the submit button. 

Your information will show up in the bottom.

The Laker Login 

The Laker Login isn't a change in how anything works, but a change in how we reference login information.  Before, to identify which username/password was to be used, IT staff needed say something like "the same login you use for the computer," or "the same username and password that you use for email."  There was not a standard way to reference that account.  Also, most systems require the full email and not just the username and communicating the difference can be difficult.

  • The standard login information used in most locations is now called the Full Laker Login or Laker Login (full version).  This is your LTC email and password.
  • The login information used in a small number of locations (such as on Canon copiers) is called the Short Laker Login or Laker Login (short version).  The username is the part of your email before the @ and the same password as the Full Laker Login.

Systems that use the Laker Login:

  • Student Email (Full Laker Login)
  • Blackboard  (Full Laker Login)
  • BannerWeb (Full Laker Login)
  • Degreeworks  (Full Laker Login)
  • Canon Copiers (Full Laker Login)
  • Campus Computers (Short/Full Laker Login)
  • Help Center (Full Laker Login)
  • LTC eAlert  (Full Laker Login)
  • PurpleBriefCase (Full Laker Login)

Employee ONLY systems that use the Laker Login:

  • Cisco Webex (Full Laker Login)
  • Employee Email (Full Laker Login)
  • Intranet (Short Laker Login)
  • SharePoint (Short Laker Login)
  • Jabber (Short Laker Login)
  • LTC Inventory System (Short Laker Login)
  • Microsoft Teams (Full Laker Login)