There are two ways to listen to VoiceMail



Check Voicemail using



there is a number on the voicemail icon (highlighted in green)

    Click the icon

This shows the current voicemails. Click on the name Ex. Anthony Hardy

                    the blue dot beside the name means there is an unread voicemail.

Click the play button

 Once you listen to the voice mail, you may choose to  Delete it, by clicking the Delete (trashcan icon)

            The voicemails will automatically delete after 180 days.


 -the physical phone itself

When you receive a Voicemail
    your phone will have a red light on the headset

Press the voicemail button on the phone to listen to the voicemail

    you will has receive a email  from  

when you open the email you can see 

     the time the voicemail was received
     who the call was from and their phone number

     who the call was to

     the length(duration) of the voicemail

*** There is no link in the email to listen to voicemail***

        you have to use the phone or WebEx