Please review the following support article for instructions on removing your computer from S mode.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 in S mode FAQ - Microsoft Support

How do I switch out of S mode?

To increase security and performance, Windows 10 in S mode runs only apps from Microsoft Store. If you want to install an app that isn't available in Microsoft Store, you'll need to permanently switch out of S mode. There's no charge to switch out of S mode, but you won't be able to turn it back on. If you're blocked from switching and your device belongs to an organization, check with your administrator. Your organization can choose to keep all devices in S mode.
  1. On your PC running Windows 10 in S mode, open Settings  > Update & Security > Activation.
  2. Find the Switch to Windows 10 Home or Switch to Windows 10 Pro section, then select the Go to the Store link.
    Note: Don't select the link under Upgrade your edition of Windows. That's a different process that will keep you in S mode.
  3. On the page that appears in Microsoft Store (Switch out of S mode or a similar page), select the Get button. After you confirm this action, you'll be able to install apps from outside Microsoft Store.
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