New Projector instructions and troubleshooting.


To power on projector, point remote at projector and press the power button.

    Source should be on HDMI1 (should be no need to make changes)



If no video:

  On the PC, press the Windows Logo Key and the letter P


Choose either Duplicate or Extend, depending on your preference










If no video, press the button on the HDMI selector switch slowly, until port 1 is selected

   Note, it should already be on port 1, but for troubleshooting purposes, cycle through all

    of them and end at 1 again.



If no video, make sure the HDMI cables are plugged in securely in back of the PC, and HDMI selector switch.


Projector Remote is to stay in the room. Please do not remove.

Also, please turn off projector when done.


Please call the Helpdesk at 770-533-7048 if steps above fail.