Dawson Room 112 / 116 Projector How To.

Combined room

Turn each projector on using the remote.

Log into the computer on one side

Click the Mersive Soltice icon on desktop


Depending on which room you are in:

If in Room 116 you will need to choose D-Room112

If in room 112 you will need to choose D-Room116



Example from room 116 connecting to room 112


You will hear a code, type that code in and click Connect


It will start connecting

Once connected you should see the same desktop on both screens




To end

At the top of the desktop you should see a Sharing Desktop / Stop Sharing bar


Click stop sharing to end sessions on both screens




Click Disconnect


Click Disconnect





IF you see the whiteboard screen displaying, click the three dots (…)


Then click Share Projection


If you ONLY hear sound on side of the room, make sure the volume is NOT muted on the computer.