Go to www.laniertech.edu

Click on Quick Links

Click My LTC - Faculty & Staff

Click on the Faculty and Staff Helpdesk Form

Click on the down arrow to the right of  Request Type

Choose which option is best

IF you choose IT Assistance Request, you will see  a notification:

IF you are an instructor AND can NOT have class due to a technical difficulty, call the number listed above. 

Click Next:

You MUST complete the fields with the red asterisk next to it. 

Select Campus, then Building and Lab/Office

THEN click the Next Button

click what type of device that is having the issue.

Then click the down arrow to the right of select one.

Depending on which option chosen, as to how the next screen will appear. 

With most selections you will be asked to type in a description.  Put as much information as possible so the HelpDesk can resolve any issues faster. 

Click the Submit button.

You will then see a screen like below: