Logging into Okta is simple.  Visit https://login.laniertech.edu and enter your LTC email address and password.  Here is what the login screen looks like:

During your first login to Okta, you will be required to setup MultiFactor Authentication (MFA).

When you are off-campus, you will have to complete the multifactor process during your Okta sign-in.  The MFA screen for SMS (text) MFA looks like this:

You must click the Send code button before Okta will send your MFA code to your cell phone.

If you are experiencing issues with one type of MFA, you can switch to another type if you have setup multiple types of MFA:

If your number has changed or if you use Okta verify and get a new phone, call the LTC HelpDesk at 770-533-7048 (M-th 8a-6p, F 8a-12p) or complete the HelpDesk Form to get assistance in getting access to Okta with your new number/phone.

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