***Make sure to change your default voice mail message***

Set up your phone number: 

  • Click the down arrow next to your name in the top left corner:

  • Click Notification preferences: 

  • Make sure you phone number is listed, IF not click +Add device to add it. 

  • Scroll down till you see Call preferences:
  • Check the Receive calls through Remind box:
  • Make sure to click the circle beside your phone number: 

  • Scroll down to Office hours: 
  • This is where you can set your hours of when you will receive Remind calls or not. 
  • Click Turn on office hours:

  • Select the Time and Day(s) you want to receive Remind calls:
  • If you want to turn off your office hours, just click Turn off office hours.

Make a Call:

  • In your class search for the person you want to call. then click on the phone headset icon in the right corner.

  • You will get a phone call from a random number as well as this message on your screen in Remind.

  • If you do not answer the Remind phone call you will get this message on your screen in Remind.

The number you call from will be unique for each person you call.

Example: the number Drew sees when Marsha calls him is different than the number Linda sees when Marsha calls her.

        but the number Drew sees for Marsha will always be Marsha's Remind phone number unique to Drew.