Go to: https://www.remind.com/apps/

  • Put in your phone number.
  • Click Text me a link.

  • You will see the Download link sent to your phone number pop up.

  • This is what the text message should look like.
  • Click the rmd.me/a  link.

Apple Users:

  • Click the GET to download/install the Remind app.

  • You will be prompt to enter you Apple ID password.
  • Look a the Enter the password for "   " to make sure that is your account.

  • Once you put in your Apple ID password, click the blue Install button.

  • You maybe asked again for you Apple ID password.
  • Type in your Apple ID password and click Sign In.

  • You will see the Remind app being installed. 

  • Once it is downloaded/installed.
  • Click the OPEN button.

Android Users: