Virtual Desktops give you access to an on-campus LTC computer.  Are you an employee that needs access to the Intranet but do not have an LTC laptop?  Are you a student that needs access to specific applications for your program of study? Do you need access to MS Office?  Virtual Desktop gives you all of that.  

You can access an LTC virtual desktop from any system with an internet connection (including LTC computer labs).  Chromebook?  Yes.  Mac?  Yes.  Windows computer?  Yes.  iPad/other tablet?  Yes. (Note: tablets are more difficult to use with this system than standard computers).

How to get to a virtual desktop? Use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or the new Microsoft Edge browser and visit:  This is a fully encrypted secure connection.  Internet Explorer and the old version of Microsoft Edge are not supported.

You can also find the link to the Virtual Desktop system on your My LTC page.

Once you visit the page above, there are two methods to access the desktop.  The fastest way is to use the VMware Horizon HTML Access.  Login with your LTC email address and password and the computer's remote window will open right in your browser. 

The video below provides a full walk through on how to access the LTC Virtual Desktop system right from your web browser: