How can you tell if One Drive is working?  There is a simple process. 

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  1. First, Open Windows Explorer by holding the Windows Key and tapping E, as per the image below:
  2. In the left hand menu of the new window, click Documents.
  3. Click View in the menu and click Details in the Layout section.
  4. Look for the Status column.  
    1. If it is present and primarily consists of check marks or cloud icons, your One Drive is working properly!  Work from your My Documents as you normally would.  To find the meaning of each icon in the status column, see One Drive Status Icons and Their Meanings.
    2. If the column is not present, contact the LTC HelpDesk to determine why your One Drive setup was not completed.
  5. Check the One Drive Cloud Icon (definitions and examples here) in your system tray (down near the clock) to determine the overall status of One Drive. 

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