Using the Right Web Browser?
  • We recommend using Google Chrome* in the first instance and then Mozilla Firefox.
  • Visit the Browser Checker to make sure your browser is supported
  • A full list of supported browsers and operating systems is available: Browser Support
  1. Make Sure the Bowser is Up-to-date

Try the Other Browser

If you experience problems with Collaborate while using Chrome, try Firefox. If you experience problems with Firefox, try Chrome.

Enable Third Party Cookies

Ensure that your web browser is allowing third-party cookies, these guides explain how:

Try an Incognito Window

The next step is to try using the session in a private or incognito window. This resets certain settings and can be an effective way to work around some configuration issues.

Clear the Browser Cache

If that does not help the next step is to try clearing your browser cache. How to clear browser cache on Windows and on a Mac for different browsers.