The course became available to students yesterday on the 19th and students have accessed the course.Given that the term has started and the course(s) start date has passed granting students access to the course(s) - the course(s) contain records for students ranging from activity to grades and recycling the course also deletes some data permanently.To move forward we need the following:
  1. A list that includes the full course ID.
  2. Documentation on why the courses need to be recycled.
  3. Approval for each course that needs to be recycled from the VPAA acknowledging that data will be lost as part of this process.
Removing these records will have an impact on any reports pulled for students, or the course itself, that might be used for accreditation processes or grade appeals so we consider this a serious request.Until a decision has been made I have made the course unavailable to keep new records and assignments from being submitted.---------------------------------------
Sherry Heidkamp