There are many groups out in the community that claim to offer Adult Education classes. There are two major rules of thumb regarding the legitimacy of these sites: the organization offering the program and the cost of the program. Organizations that are part of a technical college or school system are legitimate. There are a few other exceptions, but those exclusions are not found in the Lanier Technical college area. The other most important fact is whether the classes cost money. Classes should be free. 

The money to run classes at Lanier Technical College comes from state and federal money and from private non-profit groups. It is a waste of resources to pay money for Adult Education classes. Paying money does not make the classes any more effective. No one has been in the Adult Education business longer or more successfully than Adult Education programs served by technical colleges and public school systems. No one has more dedicated or successful instructors than those serving our college. The best part is that Lanier Technical College's classes are absolutely free.